Jane Dryer had no Excuse at Clemson Debate

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I have been thinking about my honorable opponents comment at the one debate wherein she favored us all with her presence.

I can’t help but have a problem with her explanation that she couldn’t debate because “she had to work.”

Lets all remember that she received EIGHTY-SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS in PAC money.  And she can’t afford to take time off from work or rearrange her busy schedule to show her face to the people of the third district!

I didn’t take any money from any special interest groups, I guess they knew better than to offer it to me.  But I took off from work to campaign and debate.  I came to the Tea Parties I came to the Farm Bureau and I came to the League of women voters and I am glad that I did because I got to talk to you all and learn what your concerns are.

Choose me to be your candidate and I will take the battle to them.  Virtually everyone on the right and on the left is tired to death of the same old political BS, tell the people what they want to hear and then vote as your bosses tell you.  That won’t be me.  I live here, my family is here, and I want what is right for our families and our children.

I will debate in every county in this district and I will meet the people, find out what they want, need and think, and I will be the representative that FIGHTS for you in Washington not a lap dog for Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party machine.  I am a people’s candidate, all the people, white, black, red and brown, men and women.  We all need jobs to come back to the THIRD DISTRICT, we all need better funding for our children’s education, and we all need access to healthcare.  WE ALL, YES A L  L OF US  NEED THESE THINGS REGARDLESS OF RACE COLOR OR RELIGION.

Lets bring the victory home to the THIRD DISTRICT.  I believe I can deliver for you in Washington, and in my hear of hearts I do not believe that Jane can win and that if she could I do not believe she would deliver.

Isn’t it strange that all my signs disappear from the roads but that my opponent’s signs that are right beside them are not touched.  The political machine does not want this seat they are content to leave it with the Republicans.   Its time to take back our district, our congress and our contry.  I WILL DO AS I SAY AND MY DOOR WILL ALWAYS BE OPEN!!


I am Brian “Ryan B” Doyle and I approved this message.

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