South Carolina Democratic Chairwoman must Resign Immediately

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Carol Fowler Must Resign

It is the duty of our State Chairwoman and the State Party to embrace candidates not to actively work against them.  I condemn the behavior that Carol Fowler has demonstrated over the course of her tenure.

For Carol Fowler to appear on the “PA” radio program (WGCV 620 AM) today and to say “she believes Alvin Greene (D – U.S. Senate) should get out the race” is a disgrace to the Democratic Party.  What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty and let the voice of the people be heard.

The party leadership has failed the people of this state miserably and consistently for years by playing ball with the Republicans and the rich power structure that wants to continue to run things in this state.

The decent and honorable thing for the party leadership to do would be to fall on their swords, commit hari kiri and just get their corrupt sorry selves out of the peoples’ way.

It is time for TRANSPARTISENSHIP.  Labels don’t matter any more, we all know that the so called ruling Democratic and Republican parties in this state are like different sides of the same coin.  They are all owned and controlled by big business and big money.  Let an honest person appear on the scene, especially a black one, and they line up together to drive him off by any means necessary.

I love the great saying of the Dr. Joseph E. Lowery “one party don’t want us (Republican) and the other party just puts’ up with us (Democratic)”.

This young man has made history, not in a hundred years has South Carolina ever had an African- American win a primary race for U.S. Senate.

I will make a formal request to the NAACP and National Action Network to take action against this blatant wrongful pattern of working against Black candidates attempting to seek statewide office or Federal office by our party.   And I invite any affected parties to join us as we demand Fowler to step down.

I demand that Carol Fowler resign at once from her position as the head of the South Carolina Democratic Party.

I will convene a Press Conference on Friday at 3:00 P.M. at the State Democratic Party headquarters in Columbia calling for her resignation.

Brian Doyle,

Former Candidate

Member of the Democratic Party

Doyle can be reach at campaign headquarters phone line Extension 704.  Doyle has a pending lawsuit against party in Federal Court. 3:10-cv0203 for same type activity by party officials.

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