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R. Thomas, Reporter

Candidate not from the Third District but move in to run.

Candidates Cason Gaither and Brian Doyle opposing candidates for the Democratic Congressional Nomination in the 3rd District appeared together for the first time at the Anderson County Democratic Party Meeting at the Golden Coral on Clemson Rd on Saturday, March 5, 2012.

Candidate Gaither, born in Columbia, S.C. and long time resident of Charleston, S.C. began by explaining that he had “moved to Greenwood” from Charleston last December, 2011 (four months ago) because Jerry Goldman from McCormick  asked him to be “their” candidate  for the Third  Congressional District.  And he said yes.

Mr. Gaither then gave a lukewarm recital of 1776 early American History of the British invasion of Charleston.  He did not address any current issues and instructed the audience that as the Patriots defeated the British “we” could win this congressional seat.

Candidate Gaither, a bachelor, looks to be less than thirty years old and gives no evidence of having performed in any public service capacities.  He appears to be a professional Charleston tour guide with a degree in international business and does not provide any specific information as to why he is suited to be a representative of the Third District other than his party affiliations and connections.  Apparently he was chosen to run by Jerry Goldman and would otherwise not have any interest in the Third District.

Candidate Doyle spoke directly after Mr. Gaither.  Mr. Doyle, a popular radio talk show personality and a native and life long resident of Aiken, S.C. reminded the assemblage that he had run for this nomination two years ago and that he was very familiar with the needs and hopes of the third district.  Mr. Doyle stressed his opposition to the Republican incumbent and the Republican agenda to privatize the Postal Service and Social Security, the laying off of many schoolteachers, and also criticized Mr. Duncan’s eight year stint as a State Representative where he waged war on the public school system and early childhood education.  Mr. Doyle reminded everyone that he was from the district, knew the district and saw, womens’ protection, job creation, education and provision of medical services as some of the most pressing issues facing this district.

It is known that Mr. Doyle has a history of public service as a volunteer firefighter, a paramedic and ambulance service owner for 15 years.  In that capacity he has saved many lives and provided great aid and assistance to the people of this district.  He has been actively involved as a broadcaster and political activist in many matters of importance to people of the third district.

We do not have a great deal of history on Mr. Gaither, partially because of his youth, he has no history, and partially because of him not being from here in the Third District.

In a follow-up interview with Mr. Doyle, Mr. Doyle said, “I must confess a certain skepticism towards candidates that move to a location for the sole purpose of running for office at the request of party bosses.”

This does raise concerns that Mr. Gaither who has no basic familiarity with the needs, issues, and problems that are unique to this District would appear to be an inexperienced  political opportunist, cherry picked by others for reasons unknown to the people, and who, without a doubt, would  be at a great disadvantage attempting to debate and defeat Jeff Duncan who is a Third District native and familiar with the people and issues affecting this District.

South Carolina Democratic Chairwoman must Resign Immediately

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Carol Fowler Must Resign

It is the duty of our State Chairwoman and the State Party to embrace candidates not to actively work against them.  I condemn the behavior that Carol Fowler has demonstrated over the course of her tenure.

For Carol Fowler to appear on the “PA” radio program (WGCV 620 AM) today and to say “she believes Alvin Greene (D – U.S. Senate) should get out the race” is a disgrace to the Democratic Party.  What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty and let the voice of the people be heard.

The party leadership has failed the people of this state miserably and consistently for years by playing ball with the Republicans and the rich power structure that wants to continue to run things in this state.

The decent and honorable thing for the party leadership to do would be to fall on their swords, commit hari kiri and just get their corrupt sorry selves out of the peoples’ way.

It is time for TRANSPARTISENSHIP.  Labels don’t matter any more, we all know that the so called ruling Democratic and Republican parties in this state are like different sides of the same coin.  They are all owned and controlled by big business and big money.  Let an honest person appear on the scene, especially a black one, and they line up together to drive him off by any means necessary.

I love the great saying of the Dr. Joseph E. Lowery “one party don’t want us (Republican) and the other party just puts’ up with us (Democratic)”.

This young man has made history, not in a hundred years has South Carolina ever had an African- American win a primary race for U.S. Senate.

I will make a formal request to the NAACP and National Action Network to take action against this blatant wrongful pattern of working against Black candidates attempting to seek statewide office or Federal office by our party.   And I invite any affected parties to join us as we demand Fowler to step down.

I demand that Carol Fowler resign at once from her position as the head of the South Carolina Democratic Party.

I will convene a Press Conference on Friday at 3:00 P.M. at the State Democratic Party headquarters in Columbia calling for her resignation.

Brian Doyle,

Former Candidate

Member of the Democratic Party

Doyle can be reach at campaign headquarters phone line Extension 704.  Doyle has a pending lawsuit against party in Federal Court. 3:10-cv0203 for same type activity by party officials.

Two Democrats running for 3rd District seat say they can work with GOP

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Greenville News

By Anna Simon • Clemson bureau • May 17, 2010

Both Democratic candidates running for the 3rd Congressional District Democratic primary claim to be that person who can work across the aisle in Congress for the good of the district.

“The key is to be able to listen to what the people in your community want,” said Brian Ryan B. Doyle, of Aiken, who added that his radio show gives him experience in listening to many voices. “I have the experience to do that and go to Washington and make the change — real change and bring back what the 3rd Congressional District has been missing for the last 15 years,” he said.

Jane Ballard Dyer, of Easley points to her “wealth of experiences” as an Air Force captain, working mom and grandparent that help her understand of basic family needs the residents of this district face daily. “I’m the person who can go to Washington and sit down with people on both sides of the aisle and find solutions that will move our country forward,” Dyer said.

It was 15 years ago that Democrat Butler Derrick took his trademark suspenders and retired from the seat he held for 20 years, a seat the party, and especially the two June 8 Democratic primary contenders, desperately want back.

With U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett now in the governor’s race, the primary is being watched by party members who hope to regain the predominantly rural 10-county district that extends from Pickens and Oconee counties southward to Aiken County.

It’s a district rich in resources including water, timber and nuclear energy production but poor in jobs, a need both candidates stress in their campaigns.

Yet the bigger issue for many Democrats is which candidate has the best chance of winning back the district in November and defeating the eventual winner in a field of six Republicans vying for their party’s nomination in the June primary and a likely GOP runoff.

Neither Democratic contender has held prior political office; both can cite personal achievement and unconventional careers.

Dyer, 52, and a FedEx pilot, was the first female Clemson University graduate to become a U.S. Air Force pilot.

Doyle, 35, of Aiken, is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, dishing politics weekday mornings on the Urban Media Broadcasting Network’s “Water Cooler Moment” and counting down top tunes on weekends.

Dyer, who two years ago lost to Barrett, then the Republican incumbent, said she’s not discouraged. Her father ran for office as a Republican and lost in a race years ago, when she was a child and when predominantly Democrats were elected in South Carolina. She grew up chewing on dinner table conversation about politics and believes in a two-party system.

“Our state will be much better served if every time you go to the ballot you have a choice,” Dyer said. “It is tragic that so many people will vote based on just a party and not looking into individuals.”

South Carolina “has had its share of not very stunning leadership in the last few years,” said Dyer, who wants people to consider candidates in both parties “and see who wants to solve the problems and who just wants to talk the party line.”

Doyle describes himself as a “different kind of Democrat,” willing to buck the party line. To regain the formerly Democratic seat, “The party needs a candidate who’s willing to tell the party we’re wrong on some issues,” he said.

Doyle lobs criticism at Dyer as well, saying he’s challenged her to debates in all 10 counties in the district and she’s “avoided” his invitations. “If she is going to run from me, if she can’t debate me as a Democrat, there’s no way she can debate anyone on the other side of the aisle,” he said.

Dyer said she hasn’t avoided the invitations and hasn’t been able to schedule debates because of her work schedule.

Jobs and health care

Both candidates have proposed ways to create jobs in the district, and both are interested in capturing federal “green industry” dollars to do that.

Dyer would involve rural electric cooperatives in hiring local residents to help poorer families make their homes more energy efficient, wants to help small businesses get loans to keep them viable during the slow economic recovery, and capitalize on Clemson University and state technical colleges in the district to train a labor force for new jobs in energy and transportation.

As a congressional leader, Dyer said she would work with community, business and elected leaders to convince industry that this is a good place to bring their jobs.

Doyle attacks the North and Central American free trade agreements as a key reason for jobs leaving the district and moving overseas. He said he would call for limits and increased taxes on goods shipped into the U.S. in order to discourage large corporations from seeking cheap labor overseas and keeping manufacturing jobs here.

He also would like to suspend taxes on small businesses for six months to enable them to save money and hire more people.

On health care, Doyle, who worked as a paramedic for 12 years, said the new legislation needs to be fixed but not scrapped. People shouldn’t have to buy health insurance and small businesses making under $10 million a year should be exempt from providing employee health insurance because the cost could put them out of business, he said.

He also calls for a 30 percent cap on what insurers can charge people with pre-existing conditions.

Dyer said the new health care legislation, while not perfect, contains “lots of good things.” It will help those on Medicare, provide medications for seniors “in the gap,” allow young college graduates to stay on their parents’ plans, guarantee coverage for pre-existing conditions and help bring down the national debt.

“This is a first step. We need people who will work to find solutions to make it better,” Dyer said.

As a congressional leader, Dyer said she would work with community, business and elected leaders to convince industry that this is a good place to bring their jobs.

Doyle attacks the North and Central American free trade agreements as a key reason for jobs leaving the district and moving overseas. He said he would call for limits and increased taxes on goods shipped into the U.S. in order to discourage large corporations from seeking cheap labor overseas and keeping manufacturing jobs here.

He also would like to suspend taxes on small businesses for six months to enable them to save money and hire more people.

On health care, Doyle, who worked as a paramedic for 12 years, said the new legislation needs to be fixed but not scrapped. People shouldn’t have to buy health insurance and small businesses making under $10 million a year should be exempt from providing employee health insurance because the cost could put them out of business, he said.

He also calls for a 30 percent cap on what insurers can charge people with pre-existing conditions.

Dyer said the new health care legislation, while not perfect, contains “lots of good things.” It will help those on Medicare, provide medications for seniors “in the gap,” allow young college graduates to stay on their parents’ plans, guarantee coverage for pre-existing conditions and help bring down the national debt.

“This is a first step. We need people who will work to find solutions to make it better,” Dyer said.

You Can Run Candidate Jane Dryer But You Can’t Hide

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To:  Editorial/Media Outlets

Candidate Jane Dyer has stated that debate is necessary in her funds solicitations.  She stated that she would face me after the qualifications were closed.

However she has not agreed to meet at any open forum or even to take questions from the people gathered or a moderator much less participate in an actual debate.

It was very interesting to learn that she flew a fuel tanker in 1983.  I am sure that as a co-pilot she excelled in taking orders from her superiors just as she appears to be doing now.

I say to the people of district three.  We do not need a person who blindly follows orders without question to lead us.  We need a person who will listen to the people and take the lead to do what is necessary to improve the situations in which we all find ourselves.   We need someone to stand up and shout and fight for us and raise the roof and bring the voices of the third district to Washington, D.C. out loud and right now.  We need someone who will visit every city, town, church and crossroads in the District and talk to the people and learn from them.  Not someone who listens only to the political bosses and the powerful interests that want to control the Congress.

I remember the fateful day of 911, after we heard the news we took one of our ambulances and just drove around downtown Atlanta, hoping that we would not be needed but being ready if we were.

If Candidate Jane Dyer is unable to stand and face me in front of the people how is she going to stand up to a strong candidate from the party who has gotten us into our present situation.

What real experience that is relevant to the problems and needs of THIS DISTRICT is she bringing to the table other than three failing unsuccessful past campaigns and memories of driving a tanker.

While she was taking orders as a co-pilot I was running ambulances services,   and saving the lives of citizens of this district with my own two hands.

I call upon my opponent to stand and deliver, and if she truly has leadership ability and the ability to stand up and debate and to think for herself on her own two feet without out following someone else’s orders or reading someone else’s words let her appear and stand up and demonstrate it to the people from whom she is asking for money and votes.

I am Brian “Ryan B” Doyle and I approved this message.

Who is Brian “Ryan B” Doyle Candidate for US Congress 3rd District of South Carolina

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We received a very pertinent email question recently.  Francis and Patricia Gorman of Aiken, South Carolina inquired as to whether Brian Doyle is a Conservative, Democrat or a Republican.

Brian Doyle is a registered member of the South Carolina Democratic Party and a registered Democratic Candidate for the South Carolina Third Congressional District.

Labels can be misleading and inaccurate things to apply to any person because the same label may have different meanings to different people.

Brian Doyle is a fiscal conservative.  If supporting the Second Amendment and all of the Bill of rights and Constitution of the United States of America is a conservative thing then Brian Doyle is a conservative.

If providing for the general welfare and the common defense is a Conservative thing then Brian Doyle is a conservative, if it is a progressive thing then Brian Doyle is a progressive.

Brian Doyle embraces all that is honorable and honest in the ideals and aspirations of the Democratic Party and in the hearts and minds of the American People.  However questioning what is wrong with the way any party or its leaders or representatives must be seen and accepted as a patriotic duty and not branded as something else.

Brian Doyle embraces and respects that which is good, sound, honorable, honest and reasonable regardless of if it comes from, Ron Paul, Tea Partiers, Democrats or Republicans.  No one party or group has a patent or exclusive hold on what is true or helpful for our country and our people.

Brian Doyle is a firefighter, a paramedic/nurse, radio personality a father  and a person who is concerned with the well being of our Country, our State, our People, our Children, our Health, our Jobs and our Futures first and a politician second.

Brian Doyle embraces what is good and true and rejects what is false, dishonest and unproductive.

Doyle on June 8 Ballot for US Congress

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On March 26, 2010 at 11:16 a.m. a new page in South Carolina History was written when I, as a young progressive/conservative African-American candidate for the 3rd Congressional District,   filed and was placed on the June 8, 2010 primary ballot.

This historic event occurred despite the State Democratic Parties executive leaders discrimination and brief that “a black man can’t win.”  The Party leaders purposely misled and lied to me concerning the availability of the voters’ lists and their ability to placing me on the State party web-site for 4 months.  Nevertheless we must push forward to victory!

Picking and choosing a candidate is for the voters and not the State party elites.  Dictatorships must not be allowed or tolerated in this country.  The party elites employed lies to advance their candidate Jane Dyer as the only choice for the people and attempted to not let the people choose by placing only her on the web-site and giving only her the voters’ list to deprive the people of their right to choose the candidate who actually stands a realistic chance to defeat the Republican machine.

I believe we must fight to protect our country and our Constitution and Bill of rights.  We must have real change in our district and country.  Immigration Reform, Education, Health Care and our reformation of Trade Agreements for REAL employment stimulus are a priority for me.

Jane Dyer agreed on March 2, 2010 at 1:53 p.m. in an open letter to me::

Mr. Doyle, Thank you for your letter to Jane Dyer and your request to hold debates in each of the counties of the district. We would like to wait until after the filing period officially ends before we begin scheduling debates and events throughout the district. We look forward to talking with you again after that period.”Best, Jamie Hahn – Jane Dyer for Congress

I hope that Jane Dyer will be a candidate of her word and step up to the plate and participate in debates and question and answer sessions on the issues and not merely attempt to allow the party to pick and choose for the people.   I am asking all concerned civil groups and organizations in our communities and media groups to also step up to the plate and make us, the Democratic candidates, accountable to the people.

I would love to see new leadership in our State Party.  Leadership that will not see color as an issue, but will deliver real change and gain seats for the people of South Carolina.  Something these so called party leaders, mere corrupt political hacks, haven’t done for many years…….  “If it doesn’t work we must fix it now and not later.”

I must take the opportunity at this point to express my sincere respect, admiration and support for Vic Rawl in his heroic efforts to defeat and replace Jim Demint, another incumbent arrogant pompous political hack who has taken FOUR MILLION DOLLARS in PAC (mouthpiece money) and as most of the other incumbents in the Senate and Congress, like Judas, sold out the people for a pocket full of silver.

New Leadership needed in South Carolina and who’s got the Answer?

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By: Brian “Ryan B” Doyle, Candidate for US Congress

What an interesting night!  I attended a very informative meeting of the Democratic 3rd Congressional District in Greenwood, South Carolina at Ryan’s Steak House.  I was allowed to speak and heard the concerns of many during this meeting.

But what shocked me the most about a few in the meeting is that things still haven’t really changed much even in the 21st Century if you know what I mean. You would have had to experience something to understand.

For over two years as a local radio talk show host before syndicating into other market areas.  The Chair of the State Democratic Party, the Aiken County Chair and a member of the McCormick County Party had all talked, been on my radio program, and I extensivelyed pushed and supported the Democratic agenda of many candidates as I was requested.  As an African-American with a large listening base, and being able to move the people to polls and town hall meetings.  I was a “modern day severant” to the party.  But as soon as I attempted to take a lead role or seek office they abandoned  me quickly I see this as modern day slavery.

It’s okay for some to be followers and in their eyes a good little boy or girl, but when you choose to lead oh, “Houston we have a problem”.

I say all this to say, my own chair (Aiken County Chair) made it his business to avoid me the entire night at this meeting.  The same man who came on my radio program several times to use me to push his candidates and agenda as he saw fit  refused to as much as say hello or good luck on your run for U.S. Congress.  And that other Gentleman from McCormick County Party, who sat with me for hours at the McCormick County Democratic Party office to make sure “I got it right about why these were their candidates”  also made it his business to avoid me at the meeting as well.  This demonstrates to me one great thing about some people and shows that things still haven’t change in America.

In the eyes of some as long as we are followers and stay in our place we’re okay but when we get out of place or want to lead we are treated like lepers.

I will always remember the statement at an event I attended some years ago with my dear friend and great civil rights leader someone I honor Dr. Joseph L. Lowery.

“One party (the Republicans) don’t want us, and the other party (the Democrats) just put up with us for our votes, but don’t respect us!”

That was brough home to be as clear as the sky is blue with the State Democratic Party playing games with my candidacy for four months and the behavior of some on Thursday night March 12, 2010.

But one thing I’ve learned, that I want to say to both white and black voters of South Carolina.  “I  don’t take your votes or voices for granted”.  I guess that’s why I don’t fit in with the power structure of the party and I’m not their favorite candidate for the 3rd District seat.  “See there no strings attached to me and surely there will be no puppet show playing”.

It’s one thing to be controled by the people who elect you to serve, but its another to be a puppet with all the strings being pulled by the “power structure” while yhou move around the stage as instructed.  The only show that’s playing in South Carolina for Brian “Ryan B” Doyle is : jobs, health care, education, trade agreements that are taking away our jobs and immigration reform.

Now I want to be clear, I accept full responsibility for my 1999 incident. Where as a result of sharing a phone number and a document and office space with a associate with who was under investigation unknown to me.  But I refused then to be a puppet for the government and make statements about people I wasn’t sure to be a part of his scheme.  And I surely refuse to be a puppet now!

It’s amazing that when certain people face issues in life they are excused, but when others (you can read between the lines and fill in the blanks) some never forget it.

Some great examples that are to be forgotten and never mentioned again are; You worked for your boss, who was a married man at the time to someone else, but you find a way to interfere with his marriage only for him to divorce his wife and marry you his former employee.  Or being accused of contacting the CIA[1] about a businessman who had donated money to the Democratic Party only to search high and low and couldn’t remember anything and it all ended with any controversy and it was all forgotten.   Or to make comments about victims of a Hurricane[2] and apologies and it was forgotten and forgiven.  But don’t be black, oh I’m sorry did I say that it follows you for life.

The State Democratic Party needs new leadership!  Their system of molding and inventing their candidates is over or should be over.  Discrimination should not be tolerated in a party that claims to believe in equal rights for all.  We shouldn’t act like republicans and preach about things we don’t  hold true to.   Less government and values something that they couldn’t hold true to for eight years in Washington nor for 30 days in South Carolina (the governor mess).

It’s time for real change in South Carolina we have a majority house and senate of Republicans who didn’t hold true to their family values when the governor left the State unprotected only to go spend time with his “concubine” in another country, and our Republican brothers and sisters in the House and Senate couldn’t find their family values to really address the issue and show South Carolina and the World that they are true Republicans with true family values and impeach the governor.

Additionally, the same Republican House and Senate doesn’t understand the value of our Children’s future and education here in South Carolina and call for cuts to teaches pay and education funding.  These are the same Republicans that cry about passing debt onto our children while they support and take part in giving trillions of dollars to dishonest bankers.

I’m running to make the South Carolina 3rd District and South Carolina better, not for Democrats or Republicans, but for the people of South Carolina who don’t have a voice in Washington.

We need jobs, better education and reasonable pay for our teachers, police and firefighters.  We need more public safety funding for EMS, Fire and Police and we need jobs for those convicted of felonies  in order to pregfent and reduce crime in our community.

We need to provide our small businesses with taxes breaks and we MUST limit the amount of foreign goods shipped into this country that means changing our trade agreements Mr. President Obama.

That’s why I’m running not to be a part of the “power machine” nor the “power structure” but because I care about South Carolina, our health, futures and retirements, our children’s education and the freedoms our constitution affords us.

Best Regards,

Brian “Ryan B” Doyle,

Candidate for US Congress

3rd Congressional District

[1]; see; “See


Town Hall Meetings in South Carolina 3rd Congressional District

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Date:         March 1, 2010 Monday

Location:  Smith Hazel Center, 400 Kershaw St NE, Aiken, SC

Time:        6:00 P.M. EST

Date:                                                                                               March 4, 2010   Thursday

Location:                                                            Amelia Fish & Chicken, 318-A Augusta Rd, Edgefield SC

Time:                                                                                               6:00 P.M. EST

Date:                                                                     March 8, 2010   Monday

Location:                                                            TBA – McCormick , SC

Time:                                                                    6:00 P.M. EST

Date:                                                                     March 11, 2010 Thursday

Location:                                                            T.W. Boons, 405 Main St., Greenwood, SC

Time:                                                                    6:00 P.M. EST

Topics:                                                                        Jobs, Healthcare, Education, Trade Agreements, Public Safety

  • All other county dates to be announce for town hall meetings.  There will be

a town hall meeting in each county.   Please add announcement to your calendar.

Open Letter to Candidate Dyer 2nd Request to Debate

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February 24, 2010

Jane Dyer

Candidate for US Congress

P.O. Box 1000

Easley, SC 29641

Via US Certified Mail and Email


Open Letter to Candidate Jane Dyer

Dear Candidate Dyer:

I am writing requesting that we hold democratic debates in all ten (10) counties, so that the people’s voices can be heard, concerning the issues that are affecting their families the most.

It is so important that we as democratic candidates act differently than the last fifteen years of representation the people of the 3rd congressional district has received.

Our district has suffered over at least the last ten (10) years, because they didn’t have a voice in Washington.  I am concern that the people must have a voice in Washington and promise to give them one.

Our district has suffered over the last ten (10) years because the people didn’t have a voice in Washington with the republicans who represent them.

Please feel free to contact me at the number listed below.  I would like to start the debates by the 22nd of this month.  I would be more than happy to help find locations to hold them at.

Best Regards,

Brian Doyle for Congress

“Giving the 3rd district a voice in Washington”

Brian “Ryan B” Doyle,

Candidate for US Congress

Doyle Expected to Run in 2010 US Congress Race South Carolina

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Doyle for Congress

Doyle for Congress

Doyle Expected to Run in 2010

“He is what the 3rd Congressional District Needs”

The 3rd Congressional District has suffered greatly over the past ten (10) years.  This District includes the counties of Abbeville, Anderson, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick and Oconee, Pickens, Saluda and approximately half of Aiken County.

The District is mostly rural.  However much of the District’s economy revolves around the manufacturing centers in the Anderson, Aiken and Greenwood areas.

Historically, the District was a Democratic stronghold and Democrats continued to hold most of the local offices well into 1990.  The United States Congress seat turned Republican in 1994 and has remained Republican since.  Doyle wants to change that.

As a result of the many manufacturing jobs sent overseas and to Mexico, the counties represented in the 3rd Congressional District have experienced a drastic  decline in their businesses and incomes.  “We must review the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in order to start restoring jobs to South Carolina and go to green jobs.  We must have real change that affects everyone, not just a select few”. Doyle said

Doyle believes the 3rd District must move from the minority to the majority. We must improve the status of our children’s education, jobs and business climate.  We must progress as a district without losing our moral values.  By working together we can make that happen in the District’s ten counties said Doyle.

Doyle has yet to decide if he will run as a Democrat or Independent.  “I’m a little concerned with a lot of the business of the Democrats in Washington right now,” Doyle said.  “However, I understand the 3rd Congressional District must get out of the minority and into the majority and get the peoples’ business in our state done for the betterment of all.” Doyle announced that he has two months to decide and pay his filing fee.

Q:       How do you feel about small business opportunity?

A:       Small businesses have suffered throughout the state but have been hit hard in the 3rd District.  The 3rd Congressional District has the ability to rebound.  However, we must lower taxes for the small businesses and offer more tax breaks and I would like to propose some plans and action to help reopen some of our closed plants and restore manufacturing jobs,

Some of these businesses can receive federal assistance to help produce green jobs and our State government can cap out-of-state well connected contractors from getting so much of our business and direct it to locally owned businesses.

I will place this item on the table my first day on the job and will not stop until we review and fix it.  This CAFTA and NAFTA have hurt many states including ours. I would like to see small businesses with gross incomes of $3,000,000.00 or be allowed take advantage of a plan that would give them a 40% tax break on the gross salary of all rehabilitated former convicts hired.  This could reduce our crime rate by 24.5%, making our communities safer and give the economy a read stimulus.

Q:       how do you feel about the bail-out of the private sector?

A:        I see much disappointment in the Federal Government’s bail-out of banks and private sector corporations.  I believe we must put forward more and stricter regulations over our banking industry as they have been allowed and encouraged to take advantage of us for too long.  We need better elected officials watching over the tax payers’ money and voting for the people and not for the powerful big business interests that pay them so well.

I’m against giving away the American taxpayers’ money to offer undeserved and unearned obscenely large bonuses to executives.  The government should have never have literally given away our money with no real controls or benefits for the people.  Too many people have lost everything due to the greed and non-concern of their so called elected officials.

Q:       Will you vote as a Republican or a Democrat?

A:       I don’t believe it is about parties anymore.  I believe it is about getting the right things done for the people in the 3rd Congressional District and other sections of our state.

I also believe it is about giving our young people a chance to stay home and not have to move away looking for jobs, and it is about giving small business owners an opportunity to hire workers and make a living.

Q:       Do you believe there has been much change in Washington?

A:        If there has been I have not seen it.  I see the same old people telling the same old stories taking the same money from the same big corporations ignoring what the people who elected them want and laughing all the way to the bank.  The same old way of doing business must change if the American people are going to have any faith in their government.

Q:       How do you feel about Healthcare Reform?

A:        I do believe we need some form of reform in this area.  However, I do not believe in socialism or government run healthcare.  I would like to see a single payer system or an extended state government program similar to the Medicaid plan for the un-insured that will allow those with pre-existing conditions to become insured.

I further believe a federally funded state plan would help the small business owner and the un-insured get the care they need.  I don’t support limited options or government run healthcare with our economy and debt today.

Q:       How do you propose to fix outsourcing and the Central and North American Free Trade Agreements?

A:        Congress and President Obama must first understand this form of business is not working for the American people in providing jobs and isn’t helping the American economy.  Therefore, we must pass laws that limit the amount of outsourcing American companies can do and the amount of tax breaks received for outsourcing.

I also feel the United States must limit the amount of goods allowed in from China and other places that use underpaid or virtually slave cheap labor.

We heard so much about this problem during the presidential election and now it has gone away.  I will not let it die again and I believe the government should offer loans to manufacturing plants closed by the failure of the congress and the Senate to protect America and allow them to re-open and provide green jobs.

Q:       How can we improve thing for our veterans in South Carolina and America?

A:        I am very concerned about the veterans and especially those here in South Carolina and I believe we must increase funding for the disabled and put an end to the bureaucratic boondoggles that are only designed to prevent them from obtaining their dearly earned benefits.

I also think there is room for another VA Hospital in our state within the 3rd Congressional District.

This would certainly benefit the veterans and create jobs in South Carolina. I would like to see the facility placed in the Greenwood or Anderson area.   This would help those injured returning from the wars.

Q:       You talked about true change for all the American people, please explain?

A:        I believe millions of Republicans and Democrats were excited about making a change in Washington.  However, I just personally do not believe we’ve made that much change.

We must look beyond family members, friends and colleagues in order to bring change to the American people.  Just research some of the deals made in South Carolina and observe who is getting contracts and who isn’t.  Then look at some of the elected officials family members or close friends.

I believe we cannot build a strong economy when those types of deals limit the jobs and limit how monies flow through the state.

Q:       How can we control spending in the Federal Government?

A:        I believe we need a hiring freeze on federal jobs until we can gain control over the economy.  I know for a fact there are thousands of federal employees who have the time but not the age to retire.

I believe Congress should lower the age for Federal workers allowing them to retire early which could reduce government size and spending by 19.7%.

We can save billions of dollars which we continue to spend wastefully in Washington.

Q:       What are your thoughts on the way education is provided in South Carolina and America?

A:        First, I believe education begins at home and we must ensure that parents and family members spend quality time understanding the importance of a good education.  Secondly, we must employ the most qualified people to teach our children and provide the resources they need to do the job.

It is my feeling that the system must provide access to computers and internet service both at school and home and we must provide funding to those schools in rural communities.  I plan to work with South Carolina State Superintendent of Schools to make sure my ten counties are receiving the necessary funding to provide a good education to our children.  I would like to see laptops in the hands of all our students in the district from Grades 7 through 12 immediately.

Q:       how do you respond to the belief by some that you are too liberal and unfair?

A:       It is about the people of the 3rd Congressional District, no about me or my personal wishes.  It is about doing the business of the people.  I do no believe one should get more or receive more because of who they know.

If feel others should not have to take care of those who are unwilling to better their lives or conditions and I don’t believe in socialism or government control of every aspect of our lives.

Q:       How do you feel about gun control?

A:       I believe every citizen has the right to bear arms under the 2nd Amendment Rights and those rights must be protected by Congress and I will support and protect them to the fullest.

Q:       What is your view on abortions?

A:        This is a very sensitive area for me as my faith believes you should not kill.   I am personally against abortion but I do not believe in such a deeply personal area that I should be allowed to impose my beliefs on others.  I must respect, defend and protect a woman’s right to control her own life.  I may argue and lead by example but I do not believe that the government has any place in people’s bedrooms or their personal private lives.  By better education and giving better opportunities for mothers to successfully raise their children in a decent environment we can remove the factors which make some women believe that abortion is their only option.

Q:       what can be done to improve agricultural conditions in South Carolina?

A:        I believe Congress must make more funding available to farmers and especially in South Carolina because of our climate and land mass.  We have a great opportunity to move towards an energy saving state.  We can produce large amounts of food in our state.  But without funding from Congress our farmers will not be able to compete with foreign producers and large federally funded agribusinesses.

These things can only happen by making the right choice for South Carolina in 2010.

“I want to give control of the 3rd Congressional District back to the people of the District.  So I’m asking for your help and support in moving our district forward again”. Doyle said

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