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R. Thomas, Reporter

Candidate not from the Third District but move in to run.

Candidates Cason Gaither and Brian Doyle opposing candidates for the Democratic Congressional Nomination in the 3rd District appeared together for the first time at the Anderson County Democratic Party Meeting at the Golden Coral on Clemson Rd on Saturday, March 5, 2012.

Candidate Gaither, born in Columbia, S.C. and long time resident of Charleston, S.C. began by explaining that he had “moved to Greenwood” from Charleston last December, 2011 (four months ago) because Jerry Goldman from McCormick  asked him to be “their” candidate  for the Third  Congressional District.  And he said yes.

Mr. Gaither then gave a lukewarm recital of 1776 early American History of the British invasion of Charleston.  He did not address any current issues and instructed the audience that as the Patriots defeated the British “we” could win this congressional seat.

Candidate Gaither, a bachelor, looks to be less than thirty years old and gives no evidence of having performed in any public service capacities.  He appears to be a professional Charleston tour guide with a degree in international business and does not provide any specific information as to why he is suited to be a representative of the Third District other than his party affiliations and connections.  Apparently he was chosen to run by Jerry Goldman and would otherwise not have any interest in the Third District.

Candidate Doyle spoke directly after Mr. Gaither.  Mr. Doyle, a popular radio talk show personality and a native and life long resident of Aiken, S.C. reminded the assemblage that he had run for this nomination two years ago and that he was very familiar with the needs and hopes of the third district.  Mr. Doyle stressed his opposition to the Republican incumbent and the Republican agenda to privatize the Postal Service and Social Security, the laying off of many schoolteachers, and also criticized Mr. Duncan’s eight year stint as a State Representative where he waged war on the public school system and early childhood education.  Mr. Doyle reminded everyone that he was from the district, knew the district and saw, womens’ protection, job creation, education and provision of medical services as some of the most pressing issues facing this district.

It is known that Mr. Doyle has a history of public service as a volunteer firefighter, a paramedic and ambulance service owner for 15 years.  In that capacity he has saved many lives and provided great aid and assistance to the people of this district.  He has been actively involved as a broadcaster and political activist in many matters of importance to people of the third district.

We do not have a great deal of history on Mr. Gaither, partially because of his youth, he has no history, and partially because of him not being from here in the Third District.

In a follow-up interview with Mr. Doyle, Mr. Doyle said, “I must confess a certain skepticism towards candidates that move to a location for the sole purpose of running for office at the request of party bosses.”

This does raise concerns that Mr. Gaither who has no basic familiarity with the needs, issues, and problems that are unique to this District would appear to be an inexperienced  political opportunist, cherry picked by others for reasons unknown to the people, and who, without a doubt, would  be at a great disadvantage attempting to debate and defeat Jeff Duncan who is a Third District native and familiar with the people and issues affecting this District.

South Carolina Democratic Chairwoman must Resign Immediately

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Carol Fowler Must Resign

It is the duty of our State Chairwoman and the State Party to embrace candidates not to actively work against them.  I condemn the behavior that Carol Fowler has demonstrated over the course of her tenure.

For Carol Fowler to appear on the “PA” radio program (WGCV 620 AM) today and to say “she believes Alvin Greene (D – U.S. Senate) should get out the race” is a disgrace to the Democratic Party.  What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty and let the voice of the people be heard.

The party leadership has failed the people of this state miserably and consistently for years by playing ball with the Republicans and the rich power structure that wants to continue to run things in this state.

The decent and honorable thing for the party leadership to do would be to fall on their swords, commit hari kiri and just get their corrupt sorry selves out of the peoples’ way.

It is time for TRANSPARTISENSHIP.  Labels don’t matter any more, we all know that the so called ruling Democratic and Republican parties in this state are like different sides of the same coin.  They are all owned and controlled by big business and big money.  Let an honest person appear on the scene, especially a black one, and they line up together to drive him off by any means necessary.

I love the great saying of the Dr. Joseph E. Lowery “one party don’t want us (Republican) and the other party just puts’ up with us (Democratic)”.

This young man has made history, not in a hundred years has South Carolina ever had an African- American win a primary race for U.S. Senate.

I will make a formal request to the NAACP and National Action Network to take action against this blatant wrongful pattern of working against Black candidates attempting to seek statewide office or Federal office by our party.   And I invite any affected parties to join us as we demand Fowler to step down.

I demand that Carol Fowler resign at once from her position as the head of the South Carolina Democratic Party.

I will convene a Press Conference on Friday at 3:00 P.M. at the State Democratic Party headquarters in Columbia calling for her resignation.

Brian Doyle,

Former Candidate

Member of the Democratic Party

Doyle can be reach at campaign headquarters phone line Extension 704.  Doyle has a pending lawsuit against party in Federal Court. 3:10-cv0203 for same type activity by party officials.

Jane Dryer had no Excuse at Clemson Debate

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I have been thinking about my honorable opponents comment at the one debate wherein she favored us all with her presence.

I can’t help but have a problem with her explanation that she couldn’t debate because “she had to work.”

Lets all remember that she received EIGHTY-SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS in PAC money.  And she can’t afford to take time off from work or rearrange her busy schedule to show her face to the people of the third district!

I didn’t take any money from any special interest groups, I guess they knew better than to offer it to me.  But I took off from work to campaign and debate.  I came to the Tea Parties I came to the Farm Bureau and I came to the League of women voters and I am glad that I did because I got to talk to you all and learn what your concerns are.

Choose me to be your candidate and I will take the battle to them.  Virtually everyone on the right and on the left is tired to death of the same old political BS, tell the people what they want to hear and then vote as your bosses tell you.  That won’t be me.  I live here, my family is here, and I want what is right for our families and our children.

I will debate in every county in this district and I will meet the people, find out what they want, need and think, and I will be the representative that FIGHTS for you in Washington not a lap dog for Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party machine.  I am a people’s candidate, all the people, white, black, red and brown, men and women.  We all need jobs to come back to the THIRD DISTRICT, we all need better funding for our children’s education, and we all need access to healthcare.  WE ALL, YES A L  L OF US  NEED THESE THINGS REGARDLESS OF RACE COLOR OR RELIGION.

Lets bring the victory home to the THIRD DISTRICT.  I believe I can deliver for you in Washington, and in my hear of hearts I do not believe that Jane can win and that if she could I do not believe she would deliver.

Isn’t it strange that all my signs disappear from the roads but that my opponent’s signs that are right beside them are not touched.  The political machine does not want this seat they are content to leave it with the Republicans.   Its time to take back our district, our congress and our contry.  I WILL DO AS I SAY AND MY DOOR WILL ALWAYS BE OPEN!!


I am Brian “Ryan B” Doyle and I approved this message.

Candidate Gregory Brown response to Rep Jim Clyburn

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Elected Office is a Privilege, not an Entitlement

May 31, 2010

On, Memorial Day, a day when Americans celebrate and honor the service and sacrifice of those who have given of their time, their person, their families, and their lives to serve, protect and defend this great country of ours.  But sadly, on this Memorial day, I, a service disabled veteran and a candidate for the 6th Congressional, find it deeply reprehensible that an elected official believes that because of a position he holds in Congress he is untouchable or should go unchallenged for a political seat to which the PEOPLE have elected him.

In a story that appeared in the Aiken Standard on Sunday, May 30, 2010, the present Congressman of the 6th Congressional District was quoted as saying:  “No real Democrat would ever challenge the speaker or the leader or the whip in a primary,” Clyburn said in a recent interview. “Democrats don’t do that.”

How arrogant and elitist of any politician to even think, suggest, or have the poor taste to even utter the thought that he is deserving to perpetually continue to hold the PEOPLE’s seat without ever being taken to task for his performance, or lack thereof, in public office.  It is quite incredulous and offensive for someone in Mr. Clyburn position to have the unmitigated gall to believe that he is entitled to remain in office because of his position.

Last I heard, America is a nation founded and built upon democratic principles…. government of the people by the people and for the people; not an aristocracy.  Apparently, Mr. Clyburn has forgotten this simple civics lesson.  I, however, along with the legions of other veterans have not.  That’s why we gave of ourselves to defend this country, so politicians like Mr. Clyburn could regularly stand for election by the people for the honor and privilege of being their representative in their government.

Mr. Clyburn’s comment that “No real Democrat would ever challenge the speaker or the leader or the whip in a primary…. Democrats don’t do that” is reminiscent of comments made by the old guard party bosses of the South who struggled to maintain the status quo of oppression and segregation.  Change, for the better of the PEOPLE, has always come about in America by challenging those we elect to represent us to do better than they have done in looking after the needs of the PEOPLE.  What Democrats don’t do…  no excuse me…what Americans don’t do and should never do is to sit idly by as our elected officials seek to have their names immortalized on every public building or structure they can while those in their congressional districts are hurting economically and financially.

What Americans don’t do and should never do is to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to elected officials who vote to give themselves a raise or take more than one million dollars from the education funds to build a driving range with a life size bronzed statue of their self while teachers are being laid off. What Americans don’t do and should never do is to allow politicians to use defense fund to fund a driving in their name while our military family are fighting and dying at war.  What Americans don’t do and should never do is to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to the horrendous conditions of the schools in their congressional districts while their elected officials use their position to get their children and cronies appointed to the best positions possible.

What Americans, and if I must say, Democrats don’t do and should never do is to allow career politicians to be re-elected because they believe they have reached some privileged status that make them untouchable and not subject to challenge. Furthermore, what Americans shouldn’t do is to allow career politicians to divert attention from the real issues by in sighting racial and now internal party division. We need the type of leadership that can unite and move us forward as one people and one America.

The Aiken Standard article also reports that Mr. Clyburn said “he doubts the motives of the businessman running against him.” I am not surprised that the 6th District’s present Congressional representative would question the “motive” of anyone exercising their right to run as a candidate for office in this State.  That seems to be the order of the day for many career politicians.

So that Mr. Clyburn, and most importantly the citizens of the 6th Congressional District, will have no doubt as to what my “motives” are for running for the PEOPLE’s Congressional seat, not Mr. Clyburn’s, please consider the following;  As a service disabled veteran I am running for Congress because I have seen the plight of the public schools and educational system in the 6th District and I know that I can help bring about the change the District has needed over the past 18 years.  As a service disabled veteran, I am running for Congress because the last 18 years has not produced the kind, quality, and quantity of jobs that should have come pouring into this District under the “speaker or leader or the whip”.  As a service disabled veteran, I am running for Congress to ensure that the least among us have access to healthcare options that are reliable, realistic, and fiscally responsible.  As a service disabled veteran, I am running for Congress because I live and work in this District and I am painfully aware that under the present leadership the District has not even begun to realize its potential, instead we have a “corridor of shame.” As a service disabled veteran, I am running for Congress so that my son and his children and his children’s children can all enjoy a safer, more secure, and prosperous America that I and hundreds of thousands of other service men and women have defended.

Those are my “motives” for running. If this is a disappointment to those who question my “motives” for running for the honor and privilege of representing the PEOPLE of the 6th Congressional District, then to that I say a resounding AMEN!!!

And when Election Day rolls around on June 8, I hope Democrats in the Sixth District will not be silent. I hope they pour into the polls and express their opinions about their leaders. It is their right. May we never take it lightly. Moreover, may we never make entitlement our system of government.

Gregory Brown Campaign.

Real Leadership needed in Washington DC says Ryan B

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UNEMPLOYMENT                The government underestimates the unemployment rate.[1] A honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.  With medical benefits (single payer like all over the industrialized world), a reasonable work week, some sort of retirement benefits and some sick time and paid vacation time.  Is that too much to ask?

The people of South Carolina are not looking for a handout, but if anyone is entitled to a bail out, we are!  We don’t need promise making, promise breaking politicians to lie to us about how good things are going while they sell us down the river and approve the trade agreements that have sent so many  of our jobs overseas perhaps never to return.

BANKERS             Well, simply put, it a graph.  One line, say a blue line, charts the income of the wealthy against inflation over time it goes up, straight almost aimed for infinite, I mean that chart it climbin like a moon rocket.  And there is a green line, the peoples line, yes the income does steadily rise, but the prices rise faster and we are not as well off as we were in years past.  Our labor does not buy as much as it used to we are not really breaking even with our income increases but the corporate profits and salaries go straight up.  WE have had 29% foreclosures in the past two years and more are coming.  Our government gave enough money to the bankers to pay off every mortgage in this country.  What for.  FOR NOTHING!!!

When there is a class of people and corporations whose spending power is infinitely greater than that of the working people it becomes very difficult to keep things fair.  Consider that the same corporations and people that are making profits by moving our jobs overseas are the ones that own the newspapers and the television stations, and the radio stations, so you aren’t going to hear much of what they don’t want you to hear.

And that is why it is so important that everyone pay close attention to details.  Compare what you are told is happening by the media and the government and the corporations, yes, compare what they tell you to WHAT YOU ACTUALLY SEE HAPPENING!!!

I see at what look like 20% unemployment in many communities and I don’t see it getting better.


I see teachers being fired and class sizes being raised and the education budget being slashed to the point where our educators are powerless to give our children the skills they will need to compete in a world job market.  That should rank among our highest priorities.


The Congress just took a vacation without fixing the Medicare problem, our veterans and our seniors are getting inferior service.  The American Medical Association is very critical of the situation and I stand with them.  The nation can afford giving everyone adequate healthcare and any one who says different is probably making way too much money for the benefit humanity gets out of it.  We do not need a layer of insurance companies and bureaucrats like a nest of leeches sucking our life’s blood so we can’t afford proper health care.  We can put these bureaucracies to work monitoring the oil companies and the financial industry and we will let them keep a % of the graft and corruption they discover but funnel most of it back into the economy where it will be more than enough to give our people health care, and probably educate and feed them if we really have to.

How is that for a solution, take the profit out of healthcare and use the insurance bureaucracy  to monitor the oil companies, banking, and wall street.

And bring almost all of our troops home.  Treat the ones for PTSD that need it and put our soldiers to work rebuilding this country’s infrastructure, implementing sustainable energy programs, lets stop farming out the work that our core of engineers should be doing four times better and ten times  cheaper than  our politician’s buddys’ companies are doing it for us now.

We are in trouble here at home.  We need our young men here and our money here.

IF anyone has any ideas they want to suggest that aren’t too much wilder and don’t involve robbing and killing the people  and might work I would definitely like to hear about it.

If elected I will try to listen to and understand the problems that are brought to me and to help with searching for solutions.  I am always open to suggestions.  If you have a good idea share it.  If I am elected operators will always be standing by to take your calls.  The good the bad and the ugly.
I am Brian “Ryan B. Doyle and I approved this message.

[1] Just like BP underestimates the oil spill rate.  It turns out they may have to pay a penalty by the barrel so of course they would rather say seven thousand barrels a day than look at totals in excess of seven-hundred million barrels, no one has said for sure yet how many millions of gallons per day, but I have heard it suggested that it approaches  huge numbers.

I’m Sick of the Excuses Stop the Damn Oil Now BP says Ryan B

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I’m Sick of the Excuses Stop the Damn Oil Now BP

What would I do about the gulf oil spill.

Well the cat is sure out of the bag, but I wouldn’t have let it happen in the first place.  I would not allow the drilling, we don’t need it, if I thought we had to have it I would regulate it and control it like I was skinning a flea for its hide and tallow, I would have those people under a microscope from one end of the job to the other.

But the political machine does not really care.  They just see it as another opportunity to let the government and the big corporations and the banks steal some more of our money.  And they won’t fix it until they figure out a way to make you and your children and your grandchildren’s children pay for it and they get to steal 90% of the money.

5000 barrels a day my foot, try 5000 barrels per hour, or per minute, I don’t know but somebody does, they have tapped a major high pressure artery and its spurting like a volcano a real gusher.

There are twenty mile plumes of oil, well I don’t know, but how about we send out ten thousand or fifty thousand boats with submersible pumps in series on long hoses and start pumping the stuff out of the ocean and into barrels or tanks on the boats.  They, BP, is trying to disperse it with poisons that will probably give cancer to everyone within 500 miles that are made by a company they own.  They won’t let their workers wear respirators, they don’t obey OSHA and the coast Guard is working for them and won’t let people take pictures of the beaches so you can see what is really happening.

Those dirty greedy corporate crooks and politicians don’t give a damn until they can make some money.  The more people they have on welfare the more they think they can control the people with government handouts.

We are not asking for handouts we are asking for what is ours.  We paid social security, we paid taxes, it isn’t a gift its our money.

I don’t expect any help from the political machine from the Democrat or Republican side, I don’t expect any help from the Congress or the Senate, as far as I am concerned Nancy Pelosi is little more than George Bush in drag and our president is looking more like Paul Wolfowitz than the man we all thought he was when he was elected.

Our solutions for unemployment, foreclosures, health care and education will not come will not come from the political machine and they won’t come from Jane Dryer, she is part of the machine.

We the people must come up with the solutions and we must make our so called representatives do what we tell them to do.  This Country and this district must be done once and for all with them telling us one thing when they want to get elected and doing another thing after we elect them.

Give me your votes and I will listen to you and together we will put this district back to work, we will stop foreclosures, we will fix health care and advance education and clean up the oil.

I am not part of the machine I never have been and I never will be.

Who is Brian “Ryan B” Doyle Candidate for US Congress 3rd District of South Carolina

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We received a very pertinent email question recently.  Francis and Patricia Gorman of Aiken, South Carolina inquired as to whether Brian Doyle is a Conservative, Democrat or a Republican.

Brian Doyle is a registered member of the South Carolina Democratic Party and a registered Democratic Candidate for the South Carolina Third Congressional District.

Labels can be misleading and inaccurate things to apply to any person because the same label may have different meanings to different people.

Brian Doyle is a fiscal conservative.  If supporting the Second Amendment and all of the Bill of rights and Constitution of the United States of America is a conservative thing then Brian Doyle is a conservative.

If providing for the general welfare and the common defense is a Conservative thing then Brian Doyle is a conservative, if it is a progressive thing then Brian Doyle is a progressive.

Brian Doyle embraces all that is honorable and honest in the ideals and aspirations of the Democratic Party and in the hearts and minds of the American People.  However questioning what is wrong with the way any party or its leaders or representatives must be seen and accepted as a patriotic duty and not branded as something else.

Brian Doyle embraces and respects that which is good, sound, honorable, honest and reasonable regardless of if it comes from, Ron Paul, Tea Partiers, Democrats or Republicans.  No one party or group has a patent or exclusive hold on what is true or helpful for our country and our people.

Brian Doyle is a firefighter, a paramedic/nurse, radio personality a father  and a person who is concerned with the well being of our Country, our State, our People, our Children, our Health, our Jobs and our Futures first and a politician second.

Brian Doyle embraces what is good and true and rejects what is false, dishonest and unproductive.

Doyle on June 8 Ballot for US Congress

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On March 26, 2010 at 11:16 a.m. a new page in South Carolina History was written when I, as a young progressive/conservative African-American candidate for the 3rd Congressional District,   filed and was placed on the June 8, 2010 primary ballot.

This historic event occurred despite the State Democratic Parties executive leaders discrimination and brief that “a black man can’t win.”  The Party leaders purposely misled and lied to me concerning the availability of the voters’ lists and their ability to placing me on the State party web-site for 4 months.  Nevertheless we must push forward to victory!

Picking and choosing a candidate is for the voters and not the State party elites.  Dictatorships must not be allowed or tolerated in this country.  The party elites employed lies to advance their candidate Jane Dyer as the only choice for the people and attempted to not let the people choose by placing only her on the web-site and giving only her the voters’ list to deprive the people of their right to choose the candidate who actually stands a realistic chance to defeat the Republican machine.

I believe we must fight to protect our country and our Constitution and Bill of rights.  We must have real change in our district and country.  Immigration Reform, Education, Health Care and our reformation of Trade Agreements for REAL employment stimulus are a priority for me.

Jane Dyer agreed on March 2, 2010 at 1:53 p.m. in an open letter to me::

Mr. Doyle, Thank you for your letter to Jane Dyer and your request to hold debates in each of the counties of the district. We would like to wait until after the filing period officially ends before we begin scheduling debates and events throughout the district. We look forward to talking with you again after that period.”Best, Jamie Hahn – Jane Dyer for Congress

I hope that Jane Dyer will be a candidate of her word and step up to the plate and participate in debates and question and answer sessions on the issues and not merely attempt to allow the party to pick and choose for the people.   I am asking all concerned civil groups and organizations in our communities and media groups to also step up to the plate and make us, the Democratic candidates, accountable to the people.

I would love to see new leadership in our State Party.  Leadership that will not see color as an issue, but will deliver real change and gain seats for the people of South Carolina.  Something these so called party leaders, mere corrupt political hacks, haven’t done for many years…….  “If it doesn’t work we must fix it now and not later.”

I must take the opportunity at this point to express my sincere respect, admiration and support for Vic Rawl in his heroic efforts to defeat and replace Jim Demint, another incumbent arrogant pompous political hack who has taken FOUR MILLION DOLLARS in PAC (mouthpiece money) and as most of the other incumbents in the Senate and Congress, like Judas, sold out the people for a pocket full of silver.

Ryan B filed Federal Lawsuit against SC Democratic Party

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For Immediate Release

January 26, 2010

Press Office 1-888-208-6739 ext 701

Federal Law Suit against State Democratic Party

This is a sad time for the State of South Carolina and the United States of America.

Our South Carolina State Democratic Party has refused to honor, respect and follow the United States Constitution.

I have been given no choice, but to file this law suit against the Party and others because they continue to sabotage my campaign and refuse to treat me as they treat other candidates and refuse to  follow our federal law.  I am alleging purposeful violation of my rights, purposeful violation of the election laws and the Constitution of the United States and corruption and illegal acts on the part of elected officials.

These so called public servants have become so powerful and so arrogant that they no longer respect or care about the needs and wishes of the people in general and the  African American and working class citizens and their votes in particular.

We must put a end to the misuse and abuse of power by those who we have selected to serve in office and represent us.   We must take control of our politics and our elected representatives.  The needs and voices of the people must be heard. Our children, our jobs, our education, our police and firefighters, small businesses  and our very cherished freedoms must be protected from greedy politicians and powerful interests who sell out our jobs and freedoms to get wealthy at the expense of our children’s futures;.

I ask you all for your votes and your support in my battle to save South Carolina.

Thank you.

Doyle for US Congress wants Treasury Secretary to Resign

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Brian "Ryan B" Doyle for Congress

Brian "Ryan B" Doyle for Congress

Bank Executives Bonuses investigation

We have seen mortgage company executives and bank executives receive million of dollars in bonuses.  Two bank Executives have received more than a billion dollars in bonuses since the collapse of our financial institutions.  Bear Stein Chief Executive Officer received $384 million; Lehman Brothers Chief Executive received $541 million.

These things are not and have not been accidents.  The richest people in the world have grown tired of allowing this Country to have a high standard of living and they have decided to take it all back.

Any so called politician that is giving you a big smile and telling you that the picture is just to big for you to understand is taking the money, doing what he or she is instructed to do by his rich corporate bosses and the public be damned.

Anyone who has the nerve to stand up and ask the hard questions is labeled a kook or a socialist or some other meaningless word and merely ignored by the corporate media that is also owned by the banks and corporations.

The reason our so called government has failed to investigate the collapse of our financial systems is that it has been done to us on purpose as an excuse to take what is left even faster and to give us less and less of what we and our families have worked for all these years.

We have seen million of Americans lose their retirement and savings.  Only to see our elected and appointed officials stand by allowing us to be used and abused by the greed of these big bankers and global elites.  What ever happen to criminal charges for misleading and defrauding investors and shareholders?  Why hasn’t the Treasury Secretary requested the Department of Justice investigate these actions?  BECAUSE THEY ARE BEING PAID NOT TO!

I am calling on Congress who has the authority to investigate an hold hearings into the great theft and abuse of Shareholder’s, Investor’s and taxpayers’ money.

If we fail to put people into Congress and the Senate who are not part of the problem the problem will only get worse.

The answers are not easy and the powerful bankers who want to own and control the whole world will not give up easily.  If we fail to take a stand and end the complete theft of our money, natural resources and out children’s futures we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

I have five questions for those in Washington?

  1. Where has our money gone and how do we get it back?
  2. Who is protecting the taxpayers’ in Washington?  Republicans?, Democrats? Lobbyists? The Administration? Or NOBODY.
  3. Who’s guarding the hen house (the Treasury Department) oh I’m sorry we are allowing the fox to do so!
  4. When will the elected officials in Washington started investigations? When will elected officials allow our Attorney General Holder to fully do his job?
  5. When will Treasury Secretary give President Obama his resignation as he has left the bank door open and invited the robber to help themselves.


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