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I’m Sick of the Excuses Stop the Damn Oil Now BP says Ryan B

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I’m Sick of the Excuses Stop the Damn Oil Now BP

What would I do about the gulf oil spill.

Well the cat is sure out of the bag, but I wouldn’t have let it happen in the first place.  I would not allow the drilling, we don’t need it, if I thought we had to have it I would regulate it and control it like I was skinning a flea for its hide and tallow, I would have those people under a microscope from one end of the job to the other.

But the political machine does not really care.  They just see it as another opportunity to let the government and the big corporations and the banks steal some more of our money.  And they won’t fix it until they figure out a way to make you and your children and your grandchildren’s children pay for it and they get to steal 90% of the money.

5000 barrels a day my foot, try 5000 barrels per hour, or per minute, I don’t know but somebody does, they have tapped a major high pressure artery and its spurting like a volcano a real gusher.

There are twenty mile plumes of oil, well I don’t know, but how about we send out ten thousand or fifty thousand boats with submersible pumps in series on long hoses and start pumping the stuff out of the ocean and into barrels or tanks on the boats.  They, BP, is trying to disperse it with poisons that will probably give cancer to everyone within 500 miles that are made by a company they own.  They won’t let their workers wear respirators, they don’t obey OSHA and the coast Guard is working for them and won’t let people take pictures of the beaches so you can see what is really happening.

Those dirty greedy corporate crooks and politicians don’t give a damn until they can make some money.  The more people they have on welfare the more they think they can control the people with government handouts.

We are not asking for handouts we are asking for what is ours.  We paid social security, we paid taxes, it isn’t a gift its our money.

I don’t expect any help from the political machine from the Democrat or Republican side, I don’t expect any help from the Congress or the Senate, as far as I am concerned Nancy Pelosi is little more than George Bush in drag and our president is looking more like Paul Wolfowitz than the man we all thought he was when he was elected.

Our solutions for unemployment, foreclosures, health care and education will not come will not come from the political machine and they won’t come from Jane Dryer, she is part of the machine.

We the people must come up with the solutions and we must make our so called representatives do what we tell them to do.  This Country and this district must be done once and for all with them telling us one thing when they want to get elected and doing another thing after we elect them.

Give me your votes and I will listen to you and together we will put this district back to work, we will stop foreclosures, we will fix health care and advance education and clean up the oil.

I am not part of the machine I never have been and I never will be.

Ryan B Calls for Real Change on North & Central American Trade Agreements

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January 20, 2010

Contact press office: 1-888-208-6739  ext 701

Press@briandoyleforcongress.com www.briandoyleforcongress.com

North & American Central Trade Agreements

South Carolina and many other states can no longer stand for the callous disregard of Washington for the effects that the so called Free Trade Agreements have had on our people.  (“They’re broken and we must fix them”.)

The time has now come for someone to stand-up for American jobs.  I remember the words of President Ronald Reagan to the Soviet Union. “Tear down that wall”.

I am calling on President Obama, “tear up the Free Trade Agreements and start anew.”  Give us something that benefits the people and not big business and big banking.  We have given them too much already.

I will fight to restrict imports into this country by China and Mexico as to the amount of goods allowed in yearly.  This would give American manufacturing jobs a chance of surviving.

We can no longer operate under these broken trade policies.  “When it’s broken, we must fix it.” Neither Congress nor our President wants to address our trade agreements.  But I must demand change before China owns the United States.

I will introduce legislation to slow down and limit the amount of goods allowed into the United States.  We need real change to our Country and our Trade Agreements.

I vote for Brian “Ryan B Doyle” is a vote for the people of South Carolina and America.

Another Sweetheart Deal for GMAC say Ryan B

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Another sweetheart deal for GMAC says Ryan B:


Press Release

January 7, 2010


The Obama Administration has refused to consider the requests of small local media and broadcasters for Federal assistance in these times where internet news and large media conglomerates are putting local newspapers and broadcasters out of business.  Local news sources are suffering large revenue losses while the large consolidated media and news services flood us with false and misleading big business propaganda.

Those of us who support honest local newspapers and broadcasters find it hard to accept that the Treasury Secretary gives GMAC another $3 billion dollars of taxpayer money after already having given them  $12.5 billion dollars.  Just more bonuses for rich executives and generations of debt for our children and grandchildren that will not do one bit of good for the people or the economy.  We seem to be headed back down the same track as CTI Corp. followed.  Getting millions of dollars, paying bonuses, not accounting for the money, asking for additional funds and then filing bankruptcy.

The failure to audit and properly supervise the use of trillions of dollars of money that our families will be paying for the next 100 years  for the benefit of  these banks sends shock waves through the minds of Americans and your elected Congressmen and Senators couldn’t care less.

I believe the treasury secretary should step down a once.  We can no longer take care of his friends in the banking industries.  Geithner is surrounded by his friends in the banking industry at expense of all struggling Americans.

I must agree with my great friend and radio colleague Lou Dobbs.  When will this open door to banks and friends of the treasury secretary end?

Our country is about to face the second round of mortgage failures that is just over the horizon.

Mr. President we the people can no longer support the treasury secretary’s behavior and decisions to fund falling banks.  I agree with the few courageous and honest members of Congress.  We must support our honest local media outlets.  This is their time of need.

Doyle for US Congress wants Treasury Secretary to Resign

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Brian "Ryan B" Doyle for Congress

Brian "Ryan B" Doyle for Congress

Bank Executives Bonuses investigation

We have seen mortgage company executives and bank executives receive million of dollars in bonuses.  Two bank Executives have received more than a billion dollars in bonuses since the collapse of our financial institutions.  Bear Stein Chief Executive Officer received $384 million; Lehman Brothers Chief Executive received $541 million.

These things are not and have not been accidents.  The richest people in the world have grown tired of allowing this Country to have a high standard of living and they have decided to take it all back.

Any so called politician that is giving you a big smile and telling you that the picture is just to big for you to understand is taking the money, doing what he or she is instructed to do by his rich corporate bosses and the public be damned.

Anyone who has the nerve to stand up and ask the hard questions is labeled a kook or a socialist or some other meaningless word and merely ignored by the corporate media that is also owned by the banks and corporations.

The reason our so called government has failed to investigate the collapse of our financial systems is that it has been done to us on purpose as an excuse to take what is left even faster and to give us less and less of what we and our families have worked for all these years.

We have seen million of Americans lose their retirement and savings.  Only to see our elected and appointed officials stand by allowing us to be used and abused by the greed of these big bankers and global elites.  What ever happen to criminal charges for misleading and defrauding investors and shareholders?  Why hasn’t the Treasury Secretary requested the Department of Justice investigate these actions?  BECAUSE THEY ARE BEING PAID NOT TO!

I am calling on Congress who has the authority to investigate an hold hearings into the great theft and abuse of Shareholder’s, Investor’s and taxpayers’ money.

If we fail to put people into Congress and the Senate who are not part of the problem the problem will only get worse.

The answers are not easy and the powerful bankers who want to own and control the whole world will not give up easily.  If we fail to take a stand and end the complete theft of our money, natural resources and out children’s futures we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

I have five questions for those in Washington?

  1. Where has our money gone and how do we get it back?
  2. Who is protecting the taxpayers’ in Washington?  Republicans?, Democrats? Lobbyists? The Administration? Or NOBODY.
  3. Who’s guarding the hen house (the Treasury Department) oh I’m sorry we are allowing the fox to do so!
  4. When will the elected officials in Washington started investigations? When will elected officials allow our Attorney General Holder to fully do his job?
  5. When will Treasury Secretary give President Obama his resignation as he has left the bank door open and invited the robber to help themselves.



Ryan B calls for Investigations and Accountability of TARP Funds

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Brian "Ryan B" Doyle Candidate for Congress

Brian "Ryan B" Doyle Candidate for Congress

Investigations and Accountability – WHERE DID THE MONEY REALLY GO


I am calling on Congress and the Department of Justice to investigate former Treasury Secretary Paulson and the Corporations that received TARP Funds.

It seems that we and the Federal Reserve gave trillions of tax payer dollars to wealthy corporations only to have it disappear without any benefits being realized by us.  We gave away enough money to pay off every home mortgage in the country.  Now that would have been a stimulus.  The banks would be paid, the “derivative” problem would be solved and the American people and our economy would have a real stimulus.  Families who don’t have a mortgage to pay off could receive an income tax credit so they would be stimulated too.

The executives are still getting their huge bonuses, with our tax money.  I want to see an investigation concerning how much of the TARP money made its way back into the pockets of the same greedy politicians who gave away in the form of campaign contributions and other “pac” money. We have seen hard working citizens’ retirement savings and benefits disappear overnight.  People worked hard every day for their life saving only to see executives on Wall Street and banks and mortgage companies motivated only by greed cause one of the greatest collapses in American history.

Now where I’m from to mislead and steal from people is a crime!  I notice that our now Treasury Secretary has yet to call on the Justice Department to investigate how and why Americans were “raped” at the hands of Executives.

My first day in office I will call for investigation to see where, when and how these funds were used and why tougher restrictions were not issued controlling where our money went.   Geithner has failed us.  He has allowed the American people’s money to be stolen and given to big executives’ as a flat out gift in the form of undeserved bonuses and he has failed to turn this over to the Justice Department for a full investigation of Executive wrongdoing.

CTI Corporation received $2 billion dollars of our money with no accountability only to come back to the treasury to ask for more before filing bankruptcy after being denied additional funds.

Where is the accountability for the $2 billion dollars?  WHERE DID IT GO???   Where are the independent audits and investigations into the spending of taxpayers’ money by these banks and investment groups?  Where is our Treasury Secretary? Who’s guarding the hen house? It’s clear to me that the bankers are guarding the bankers.

I will not stand for the misuse of the our tax dollars and I demand full and complete investigations.  I hope that none of our elected officials in Washington are embarrassed when it turns out they received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the very people who got our money and did nothing to help us with it.


Letter to President Obama from Candidate for Congress

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Candidate for Congress SC

Candidate for Congress SC


November 30, 2009

Hon. President Barack Obama
President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20006

Fax and Mailed

RE: Suspending Payroll Taxes and Requiring Banks to make Loan to Small Business Owners

Hon. President Obama:

I am writing on behalf of the America people and small business owners across the country in need.

I am a candidate for Congress for the 3rd Congressional District of South Carolina. My district was hit hard due to the North American and Central Trade Agreements. We have lost thousands of jobs and small businesses are closing their doors. I believe it’s now time to review both agreements and make the necessary changes to save the few American jobs we have left in South Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Mississippi and Pennsylvania.

As a democratic candidate I am asking you Mr. President to order our treasury Secretary, Hon. Timothy F. Geithner to suspend payroll taxes as of Dec 31, 2009 for six months to help Americans and small business owners.

I believe this will help bail-out the real people who are suffering the tax payers. This will help simulate our economy and help our GDP. I know that you have been working hard to fix our financial crisis that you inherited. We need your help and support now more than ever.

I remember my two radio interview with you as an syndicated radio talk show host and you said “we have to get American back on the right track”.

I am also asking the administration to require banks and leading institutions that received government assistance to start lending money to small business owners. I believe it would only be fair to audit and confirm that banks loan or make available at least 25% of the monies they received from the tax payers.

In order to move forward and out of this financial crisis we can no longer allow the banks to use tax payer’s money to provide lavish bonuses nor buy or merge with other failing companies. We must demand real growth into our economy. Banks have failed to earn their bailouts and live up to the expectations of the American people.

I am working hard to bring more jobs and better opportunity to the people of the 3rd congressional district of South Carolina. I believe truly in my heart you want the best for all Americans and not only for large corporations and rich bankers. Now is the time to bail-out the American people and small businesses.

Please help me help the people of South Carolina and Americans. Please suspend payroll taxes for six months and give Americans and small businesses a chance to get back on their feet. God Bless you, your family and the United States of America.

Best Regards,
Brian “Ryan B” Doyle for Congress

Brian Doyle,
Candidate for Congress
3rd Congressional District South Carolina

Federal Deficit Tops $1 Trillion For First Time

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AP, July 13, 2009 · Nine months into the fiscal year, the federal deficit has topped $1 trillion for the first time.

The imbalance is intensifying fears about higher interest rates and inflation, and already pressuring the value of the dollar. There’s also concern about trying to reverse the deficit — by reducing government spending or raising taxes — in the midst of a harsh recession.

The Treasury Department said Monday that the deficit in June totaled $94.3 billion, pushing the total since the budget year started in October to nearly $1.1 trillion.

The deficit has been propelled by the huge sum the government has spent to combat the recession and financial crisis, combined with a sharp decline in tax revenues. Paying for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan also is a major factor.

The country’s soaring deficits are making Chinese and other foreign buyers of U.S. debt nervous, which could make them reluctant lenders down the road. It could force the Treasury Department to pay higher interest rates to make U.S. debt attractive longer-term.

“These are mind-boggling numbers,” said Sung Won Sohn, an economist at the Smith School of Business at California State University. “Our foreign investors from China and elsewhere are starting to have concerns about not only the value of the dollar but how safe their investments will be in the long run.”

Government spending is on the rise to address the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and an unemployment rate that has climbed to 9.5 percent.

Congress already approved a $700 billion financial bailout and a $787 billion economic stimulus package to try and jump-start a recovery, and there is growing talk among some Obama administration officials that a second round of stimulus may be necessary.

This has many Republicans and deficit hawks worried that the U.S. could be setting itself up for more financial pain down the road if interest rates and inflation surge. They also are raising alarms about additional spending the administration is proposing, including its plan to reform health care.

President Obama and other administration officials, including Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, have said the U.S. is committed to bringing down the deficits once the country has emerged from the current recession and financial crisis.

Illinois meat firm recalling beef on e.coli threat

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Mon Jul 13, 2009 11:39am EDT

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Illinois-based meat company E.S. Miller Packing Co was recalling about 219 lbs of ground beef products amid concerns it could be contaminated with E.coli 0157:H7 bacteria, USDA said in statement on Monday.

No illnesses have been reported related to the recalled beef, which was distributed to consumers and several local restaurants in north central and northeast Illinois.

(Reporting by Bob Burgdorfer; Editing by Walter Bagley)

Madoff enroute to federal prison: U.S. official say

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Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:26pm EDT

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Admitted thief Bernard Madoff was moved from his New York jail cell on Monday and was en route to federal prison, a U.S. prison official said.

Disgraced financier Madoff, who has spent the last four months in jail after pleading guilty to a worldwide fraud of as much as $65 billion, was sentenced to 150 years imprisonment by a judge on June 29.

“He is in transit to another facility,” said Scott Sussman, a spokesman for the Manhattan Correctional Center next door to the courthouse where Madoff confessed to his crimes in front of defrauded investors.

Sussman declined to provide further details, citing Federal Bureau of Prisons policy not to disclose the location of a prison until the convict had arrived.

Madoff’s lawyer had asked that his client be incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York, a medium-security prison about 70 miles northwest of New York City, but the final decision is made by the prisons bureau.

CNBC TV reported on Monday that Madoff was being transferred to a prison in Butner, North Carolina. A spokeswoman at Butner was not available for comment. (Reporting by Grant McCool; Editing Bernard Orr)

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