A Request for Congress to review NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Powers and Policies

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Ryan B, Host of Water Cooler Moment


Syndicated Radio host Ryan B, asks all his listener to contact the House Government Reform Committee and House Judiciary Committee to investigate the unlimited and unfair powers of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.


“I don’t understand why or how NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should enjoy unlimited arbitrary unitary executive power with no written rules for players or owners.” said Ryan B.


Goodell can impose any ruling or handle an issue anyway he feels without any appeal.  The players might as well be innocent prisoners in Guantanamo subject to torture under the Bush administration remarked Ryan B.


“It reminds me of the good ole days of slavery whatever the slave master said was the law,” said Ryan B.   Goodells’ bizarre behavior is reflected by the conditions he has imposed on Michael Vick in order to return to the Slave Master’s Playing Field. The things he requested of Vick are outrageous. It’s as if Goodell still has a slave deed on Vick.


“Michael Vick will have to live  his private life the way Master Goodell wants him to live it as if Goodell has a slave deed somewhere that we the ticket holders and buyers don’t know about” says Ryan B.   There are no written rules for punishment but only what comes from the mind of Goodell and considering that it does not appear that any similar punishment has ever been inflicted on a Caucasian player this looks like a racist thing to me. Ryan B goes on.


Since April of 2007 Master Goodell surf ruling hand shows that his personal conduct policy has no checks or balances it is what he wants when he wants it.  “It scares me it reminds me of the stories my grand mother and great grand mother told of the slave master” said Ryan B.


I would hate to have to say in this case of Michael Vick it seems like to me Mr. Goodell has removed his suit in exchange for the white suit and let’s not forget that white hat of course with that fully being my personal opinion.


There are no guidelines that state exactly what punishment a specific violation will bring.  That gives Master Goodell an excessive amount of leeway.  Remember back in the day in the fields?  Goodell also hears every appeal made by the suspended party rather than an arbitrator in what would be a much fairer process. 




So I will be asking the House Government Reform Committee and the House Judiciary Committee to take a close look at self ruling NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Powers over team unions, player and owners.  I’m asking all my listeners and readers to do the same call there congress person and contact the House Government Reform Committee and Judiciary Committee to put an end to modern day slavery of all players of any race.  


We have enough czars making our decisions for us and taking away what should be individual rights and ability to contract.  He is as bad as Ben Benecki.  Give away trillions of dollars and refuse to tell us about it. 


Give anyone unlimited and unchecked power and it will be abused.  The whole system of checks and balancers that used to protect citizens has vanished and this is just another symptom of it.



“Did we all forget that Michael Vick served jail time for his crime and was punished I don’t remember anyone being punished for slavery or being a slave master or for stealing trillions of dollars and giving it away to their buddies…  I guess some people would like to see him down in a line asking for food stamps and a check.


If the man is good enough to play ball and people are willing to pay to see him and a team is willing to pay him to play whose business is it what he does with his money and who lives with him as long as he obeys the law?


“I don’t think Martha Stewart nor Rush Limbaugh had to wait any specific amount of time or be place under a slave deed for their transgressions which were in reality more serious than Vicks.  But then they are of the privileged caste.


I haven’t figure out those people who believe dogs are more important than human beings.  We are giving the homeless one way tickets to other cities.  Who do we put in jail for all those who sleep under trees or bridges and don’t have a place to live because crooked bankers and politicians have stolen the country?


Let’s give the NFL back to the people the players and the teams.  Let’s give the country and the money back to the people.  Write to your congress people and senators.  If they don’t want to do what is right for the people and the Country lets get rid of all of them.  And lets and start with Goodell.

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3 Responses to “A Request for Congress to review NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Powers and Policies”
  1. BrianP says:

    You actually think we should protest the plight of multi millionaire athletes and the NFL? Employers don’t have to hire people who have been convicted of a crime. I own my own business and I certainly wouldn’t appreciate anyone telling me that I have to hire someone who just got released from prison.

    I work as a big brother in a poor community and that seems a hell of a lot more important than worrying about whether Michael Vick can start making a 6 or 7 figure salary. There are a ton of players in the NFL who work with no problem. Of course they stay out of trouble in the process.Unfortunately we have turned things upside down in society today. The criminals are the ones we feel sorry for and the victims are ignored.

    • Charles says:

      I still don’t understand why we are more concern with animals than we are human at times… We have more homless people on the street and we will disregard them for animals. But oh this is the American Way!

  2. GarrickB says:

    Brian P you are missing the point. Its not just about the players. Its the impact he is having on the Game. Lets back off the major issues and look at the more minor ones like the one levied today against Tyrone Carter for hitting Greg Olsen. It was a completely legal hit… Yet now the players cant hit the other players? Since the chat is about the big pentalties… Is it really legitimate for Vick to have to serve 2 years for dogs? I like dogs as much as the next guy, but how is it that murders get off quicker? And drawing this back to Goodell… he suspended him once (before he was even convicted) then add 2 more games once he has served his time? ? that make no sense. Its simply him having to much power and the arrogance to use it without any checks and balances. And yes.. companies do hire people with a record. If they are qualified. And thats the way it should be. If people make mistakes, they should be given every opportunity to re-insert themselves into society. Perfect example of this in the NFL is Michael Vick who “seems” sincere, and seems like he is trying truly make up for his mistakes. His counterpart is Pacman Jones who takes his talent and gift for granted. I wish the fans had more power because Goodell may be an effective leader if he were held accountable.

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